Saturday, June 02, 2018

Age Pressure

Oh wow, congratulations! 2 posts in 2 weeks, I should definitely give myself some credit as I know just like old times, this might be my last blog of the year. Anyways, I came across a video about age pressure by Jenn Im, if you are interested, here's the video:

I have never heard of age pressure ever before but after watching this video, I couldn't help agree that maybe because of the society, we have like certain "targets" to achieve at a certain age and will kinda feel guilty or left out if we don't..

I have certainly set several typical targets for myself which I guess not many of them were fulfilled because I made them without knowing the reality how to get it fulfilled. It seems to me like, when the time comes, a solution will just miraculously fall down from the sky and everything will be alright. NOT! and to be frank, I kinda forgot what were the targets I have made for myself besides getting wheels and a roof.

Let's not talk about life before work because we know what we have to do at  those ages, age 12, pass UPSR, age 17 pass SPM, age 18 start college or university, age 20s graduate.. I used to have some what to achieve before i reach 30 list but i guess, i was too stressed out, i don't remember what are those anymore..

Anyway, as mentioned a the video, in some places, women are considered "expired" if they don't get married by 30. I guess because women have to give birth so maybe it's our internal organs that are expiring?? If that's not the reason, then this whole married by 30 thing is just bull.. Why is there an age limit to get married? Especially Asians, when you reach a certain age, having a significant one becomes the hot topic of the century.. You have lived more than 20 years working hard to be who you are but to other people, all that matters is whether do you have a significant one and when are you planning to settle down... I am not going to lie, regardless whether I have a significant other or not, I feel super irritated when people asked me when do i plan to settle down. To make things worse, whenever I say i have a lot of plans but settling down will not happen in the near future, i get responses like, "are you aware that you are getting older?", "what are you waiting for?", "why aren't you planning on settling down, you are 30 already?"....... "SO?" unless you are worried about me having trouble conceiving when I get older, other than that, why do you even care?? I do have a lot of plans for my future..

Speaking of plans.. I may not be affected by the age pressure for relationships.... or maybe I am since i am writing this.. anyway, reaching a certain age does make you question your direction in life.. so I have to admit, i do face the age pressure when it comes to career. When I started working, i did vow to be an employee forever, since i'm not a risk taker nor do i have a brain for business so being an employee promises a fixed monthly salary and benefits that i might or might not get with my own "business".. But now, i reconsidered my decision.. Working isn't fun,, i can't say for everybody but it has lost its fun for me.. I am having second thoughts about what i vowed to be several years ago. What am i supposed to do now? Should I start a business?? but i don't know how.. I have been toying around with some plans and never actually executed any because of fear.. fear of failing.. people said to me, if i don't find what i'm doing fun, why am i still there? life is short, too short for people to just bear with it.. but what about life? my bills aren't gonna settle themselves, the roof i dream of aren't gonna build itself.. these need chips, and chips are what i get for getting up at 6.30am every weekday, thumb print myself in and out. And, you see it right, i am not a risk taker.. i can't just let go my supply of chips just because it's not fun anymore, i need a plan.. a plan to find the same amount or more chips elsewhere.. but i am still swimming blindly.. unsure if i'm heading the right direction or am i just wandering around the sea of chances not knowing what to grab hold of.. I see friends who started out from the same starting line has now seem to have done a few laps and are on track with what they are doing.. Oh well, that's the downside of social media, everyone seems to be so happy, so fulfilled, leading such meaningful lives while people who are watching or reading it feel like failures.. well, i have to admit this too, i am affected by social media.. which i will write another blog post someday about this.

Anyway.. at this age, there are so much that should have been done in the typical world that haven't been done and it stressed me out.. BUT, some people would say... you live your own life so you get to control what come first and what to do at which time of your life.. true though.. i am still trying to fit the bits and pieces together to hopefully form a whole for my future career whatever it may be.. at least that's what i think i should be doing at this point of time..

I hope that nobody gets affected by the age pressure like I am but if you are, no worries, you are not alone, you may leave a comment and we can share our stress and maybe help each other out..

Signing off for now

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Pros and Cons of Technology

Heyo.. It's me after such a long time.. Anyway, quit the intro because it's getting redundant since I always take ages to post a new blog.. so, let's get straight to the point of what I would like to share about.. The Pros and Cons of Technology.. This is solely based on my personal experience and opinions. I have not done any research or survey about this so please don't take it too seriously..

Anyway, here goes... The technology here means the internet, the computer to your handheld devices such as tablets and phones.. So let's talk about phones. Don't you thing it's an amazing invention?? To be able to communicate with someone who will not be reachable by shouting. And then the mobile phones, where you can connect with people on the go. I have been through the time where mobile phones were not that popular among kids and we need to depend on punctuality. For instance, when two people are meeting up, without a phone, to be able to successfully meet up, they have to either be very punctual to the meet up spot or be very patient as one might be late or something and they will not be able to contact each other. Even if let's say B say some last minute business to take care of and A is already on the way out. Without a phone, there is no way B will be able to contact A to notify about his/her last minute business. So, B will either have to go all the way to meet A first and tell him/her; send a messenger; or let A wait till B finishes the last minute business.. Either one is not efficient.. So, with the phone, you get to call and tell... Then, you can even just send a text message saying that you are running late or something.. NOW, you can just whatsapp, LINE, Kakao, Wechat or whatever instant messaging app you are using, you can even add emoticons and stickers to cheer that person up and show your sincerity to apologise coz you kept them waiting..

And yes, the internet is the most amazing thing ever invented.. Is it a thing?? or whatever it is.. the internet is what that allows me to share my views and my writings here from the comfort of my corner in my room (yes, i like to sit at corners) and it will be shared to people whom i have never met or even imagined have existed.. the internet allows me to even plan my own travel itinerary by using platforms such as ctrip or qyer, or i can search travel blogs, google whatever i need, as specific as the price of something.. this is why lesser people choose to follow tours nowadays because everyone loves to share their travel experiences and we could make use of that to plan for our own, and give back by sharing ours to others..

It is also great for research.. not only for your travel itinerary for for a heap of other things as well, from your school assignments to some side projects you would like to start... I researched a lot on Harry Potter when I was writing my fanfic (which reminds me.. I am still praying that my drafts are hiding somewhere and not melting in some dump, pleassseee..)

And about instant messaging apps.. it used to be those softwares like ICQ or MSN that you have to be in front of a PC to gain access to it.. I remember rushing back home from school just to on my MSN and talk to the people I have just said goodbye to!! hahahaha.. we see each other almost everyday and yet we still have so much nonsense to talk about.. then it became mobile apps as we bade goodbye to the MSN messenger that carries almost every 90s kid's memories..And we moved our nonsense from the PC to our phones.. as we grow up, friends might not live close by to meet up anymore so instant messaging and social media help a lot in connecting people. Back in the days, where after you moved from your hometown the only way to keep in touch was to write letters and the communication just dies after one person felt that it's not worth the time to write so much anymore.. but now, you can just type and it gets sent instantly. You can convey messages to a bunch of people at once and get their replies and comments too..And for people like me, who doesn't prefer calling. instant messaging is the more preferable approach..

Then... for the cons.. my biggest hate for technology is also why i liked it. Instant messaging.. with instant messaging, working become never ending as your boss could always catch you after work for something.. And, i don't know if this only happens to me or what, bosses like to give orders after working hours.. there you were sitting at your cubicle busying away with work for at least 8 freaking hours and your boss decides that you could not bear losing you within his/her sight and gives you work after your working hours. But, most of the time, majority of the communication via instant messaging happen after work... which i know it makes sense coz every one is off work... but the point is every one is OFF WORK!! so everything about work should be turned off.. But no... just because they have no life outside work, they decided that you should have it the same..

Besides that, because of internet, work becomes portable.. you can work anywhere as long as you've got internet connection.. so even on your day off, or when you on holiday or have called in sick, you can still do your job from wherever you are.. back in the old days, everything you need for work is at your work place, which is why it's called your work place in the first place.. but now everything is online, it takes as simple as a whatsapp message to get your job done which may not seem like a big deal but remember, you are not supposed to be working at that time.. in other words, you are not paid to work at that time either.. so unless you are so-called working from home, other wise, technology ruins off days..

And, people depend so much on technology, their brains become lazy.. For example, some people rely so much on their GPS they do not see the need of remembering roads to places they wanna go because the GPS will always be there to save the day. Not forgetting the whole lot of passwords, for various online accounts, a click to "remember password" will do the trick and nobody remembers anything.. and having a short term memory or a bad memory is basically the most common excuse to all these.. People stop using their brains and depend on these electronic brains.. no wonder there's a fear for AI...

That's all for today...
Happy Wesak Day!

Signing off..

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

First day at work

Disclaimer: I am not talking about my first day at work... Just a random thought about the typical first day experience..

It's your first day at a new company. You step into a completely unfamiliar place and someone led you to your seat that will be your nest in this company. You look around, and of course, you know nobody, nobody looks familiar... so you sink further into your seat and play around with your PC, if you have one... sometimes, newbies don't get their own PC until they have been around for a week... Anyway, you try to look busy, although you know you have absolutely nothing to do... You explore the buttons around outlook and realise there are a few incredible functions that you will forget later.. I always forget where is the "recall back email" button and found it when it is too late..

So, you sit at your seat and bond with your PC and chair, they are gonna be your best companion throughout your days here... You look around at your current colleagues, wondering if you could get along, are they the chatty type or the mind-your-own-business type.. You check for earphones to determine whether listening to music while working is allowed.. And then, your manager or the person you are reporting to arrives.. they are usually late.. so be prepared to hang around for at least an hour because you will surely be early on your first day..

We shall just call that person the manager, since he/she will be managing you.. The manager greets you briefly and walks off to his/her seat/room settles some "urgent" stuff which might be scanning through emails, FB or just switch on his/her pc...

After the manager thinks you have settled in, here they come gesturing you over and introduce you to the company, this might have been done by the HR.. so the manager will also be telling you about the business.. how it works and how they work.. then they will show you a bunch of their previous works and here comes the golden question...
"what do you think we should change to make it better?"
"Any ideas you would like to suggest? Since you are new, we need some fresh ideas..."

Ok, that's 2 questions.. but don't you think it is ridiculous to ask someone on their first day of work?? Well, firstly, this is my first day, I came here to fit in, not to change the company, if I would like to change the company, I would have started my own company... I came to learn about your company and now you are telling me that it is not as good as I thought and I should do something to change it?
and then, about the "fresh, new ideas"... I just came here, my ideas are bound to be "new" and "fresh" to you but they are not FEASIBLE because I won't know what is good or workable for the company as it is my first day here.. obvious not??

alright... just some random thoughts..
signing off~~

Monday, January 30, 2017

[Z]ooming into 2017

I started the A to Z blogging challenge in 2013.. and finally completed the challenge as we are adapting into 2017..

I don't think I have made any New Year Resolutions this year.. Before I make any, I shall reflect what have I achieved for the past year..

No.1 I have finally took Topik 2, actually I was forced to because my teacher said that he will just sweep me out of the classroom if I still linger around after so many years of study without having a go at Topik 2.. I knew I was not ready at all but since I had to take it, I did try to improve my listening skills and writing skills by listening to Korean podcasts without reading the transcript and practise writing by copying passages from the comprehension past year papers.. I guess that small amount of effort and exam luck paid off as I managed to pass level 4. The highest achievement would be Level 6, fyi.. But I am satisfied~~ I still don't consider myself fluent in Korean but I guess, I am good enough to survive..

No.2 I stayed pass a year at my current employment!!! That IS an achievement judging by how it affects my life principles.. Oh well, it is still a decent place tho..

No.3 Got some new wheels!! and finally felt like an adult to carry ownership documents with my name on it... When I was a kid, it was so easy to imagine myself to have a car, a house like a few years after stepping into society and exchanging you time for money.. Guess what?? after working for almost 6 years, I am finally getting a hang of it.. and a house seems so far away~~~ *stretches hand out dramatically~~

No.5 Finally could contribute to the family trip fund after years of working.. I have always wanted to bring my family for a vacation and contributing to the majority of expenses. At long last, it happened last year!! Won't be blogging on that because i have a similar post buried in my drafts and I did not take enough photos to make it into a blog post.. It's spending time with family that counts not slamming everyone's faces into a photo at every venue..

No.6 I guess I did not document my life enough it actually remember what I have achieved last year.. and my blog reached its 10th year anniversary last year!!

I guess that's all I remember... as for the coming year.. I still hope that I could write more blogs just to practise writing in English.. My English has been striking on and off in my brain.. Sometimes I can't even speak English.. Working in a Chinese-speaking company does affect you somehow.. or maybe it's just me~~

So my new year resolutions... WRITE MORE BLOGS... as usual..

Signing off!

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Pulau Ketam 311216-010117

I spent my New Year on an island.. I bet that's gonna sound cool, I count down-ed in my sleep at a hotel room in Pulau Ketam with people singing karaoke at the hotel lounge right beside my room.. To be fair, they stopped singing at maybe 11.30pm.. So I would say.. Let me tell you how I spent one of my last countdowns in my 20s..

So, the plan started when the 4 of us were preparing for TOPIK (Test Of Proficiency In Korean language) and were so stressed out because we were totally not ready for it and took it just because we have been learning for so long, it is time to do something about it.. Before we attended the exam, we said that we will plan something after the exam to de-stress.. Yea, we seem pretty "mengada" about this but it was tensed.. Try taking TOPIK II unprepared, and you will know what I mean..

Then after the exam, we did came across some homestays via Facebook and discussed about our plan.. then we suddenly decided on Pulau Ketam.. I think it was my idea but I don't remember why I suggested.. anyway, Pulau Ketam it is..

So after the venue was confirmed, we had to fix a date.. and all of us being working adults.. It's pretty hard to get everybody together.. Me, especially *hides face* since I have been teaching on weekends, it's pretty hard to have an empty weekend for a 2 days 1 night.. We could have taken leaves but it was pretty inconvenient at that time and I forgot why.. anyway.. in the end, we decided to just go on the last day of the year and celebrate the New Year there..

And then.. we planned.. this is the boring part, which includes googling and whatsapp-ing so I shall skip to the day we put our plan into action..

The plan was to meet at KL Sentral at 11.30am, have lunch and go to Port Klang via KTM together.. and then everybody reached early, so we met at 11am, had lunch and head off to Port Klang at 12.50pm (coz the train only started moving at 12.50pm). It was an hour-long ride till we reached Port Klang.. and make our way to the jetty.. bought our tickets.. return air-conditioned ferry tickets for RM15. Waited again coz the boat will only move at 2.45pm.

We reached the island after a 30 minutes ride..

Here we are..

And that's the hotel we are checking in to..

Sea Lion Hotel.. you will see it the first thing after you jumped off the boat.. it's right at the jetty.. The Biggest Hotel on Pulau Ketam..

That's me checking in.. I have booked a VIP room for 4 earlier.. the guy was really helpful.. it's RM168 per night, including surcharge as it was a public holiday eve plus weekend..

I forgot to take photos of the room but it was decent, with 2 double beds, a TV, Hot Water Heater, Shower, and a Kettle..

It was drizzling slightly when we reached Pulau Ketam so we decided to stay in the room for a while until the drizzle cleared..

After hanging in the room for around 30 minutes.. we headed out mainly to decide where to have dinner.. I asked the receptionist for a map before we wandered off..

The first restaurant we set our eyes upon and became our dinner place that night..

Behold.. the colourful roads around Crab Island..

I love to look at colourful scenes.. and as you could see from the photos.. even the houses are colourful.. the villagers painted their house whatever colour they like..

Besides colours, there were pretty murals around too..

The island is pretty small, you could finish exploring within a few hours if you were to explore thoroughly.. if you are just glancing through.. then it may only take around an hour..
You could rent bicycles to tour around the island.. but we prefer walking.. it's just RM5 per bike per day... a different price for e-bikes.. I think it's RM20 per hour, if i remember correctly..

Besides mural and colourful houses, you will see quite a number of temples here as well since Crab Island's residents are mainly Chinese..


We stumbled upon a souvenir shop and decided to get some tidbits for the night as we count down.. we bought 9 packets of keropok that cost RM23.5..

And then, we became super hungry... so we bought a medium Oyster Omelette for RM10 from the stall next to the restaurant we had dinner at..

Yummy yummy yum... And behold.. our dinner! Which cost RM159.50

Salted Egg Crab

The crab was so good, it deserves 2 photos.. haha

Butter Prawns

Steamed Lala

Fried Veggie

And, we went back to the hotel after dinner, where we watched an episode of 도께비 and 竊聽風雲 2 while waiting for the clock to strike 12.. munching off keropok as we were waiting.. Our room was just next to the common area of the hotel and apparently there was a karaoke session going on and on and on... 

I guess it's the age factor as we decided to countdown in our sleep.. However the karaoke session did not seem like it was going to end... Anyway, we ignored and just went to sleep.. Luckily, it ended at around 11.30pm. but there were fireworks going off during midnight which I heard but am too lazy to get up and look.. So that's how we made it to 2017.. haha

We woke up at around 9-ish and head out for breakfast.. 

Nasi Lemak, Crab Island style where its sambal is made from dried shrimps.. tasty!! It costs RM2 per packet, we ordered 2 to share.. RM4

And because we loved the oyster omelette so much, we decided to the to the same stall for clam aka "lala" omelette, this time we ordered the big one for RM10...

While waiting for the to fry the omelette, the owner of the stall told us that the restaurant we went to yesterday had a lot of bad reviews online and asked how was our experience yesterday.. Besides, there were people smoking around us, it's quite ok.. I am not sure if the food is pricey or not since we didn't compare.. but if I were to visit again, i will give this man (the owner of the omelette stall) a chance and try the food at his restaurant..

We brought our breakfast back to our hotel and ate at the common area beside our room.. and discovered that the view from our room was pretty spectacular though.. we did not even open our window to look..

After breakfast, we packed and checked out from the hotel.. and brought some dried shrimp sambal from the hotel.. they were selling for RM12 per pack. but we bought 5 for RM55..

While waiting for the next speedboat to arrive.. we have 붕어빵 alike ice cream.. rm5 per piece.. a total of RM20 for 4..

One last look at the crabs from Crab Island..

I didn't bother to zoom in but there were plenty of little crabs scurrying around...

And then, we board the speedboat back to Port Klang..

And too a picture with the Golden Giant Crab before leaving..

The Port Klang Train station still has this vintage looking pondok.. In contrast to the modern building on the opposite, see below..

And, that was how i celebrated the crossing from 2016 to 2017..

I sure hope that it will be a good year ahead.. at least be smooth..

I have not been making resolutions for quite a few years now.. should I be making some this year??

We'll see if I will in the next post..

As for now... signing off..

Sunday, October 16, 2016

10 years! How long has it been?

I just missed the 10th year of my blog's existence!! It's actually 2 weeks ago, so now, here I am making up for the long absence..

I started this blog while I was in uni still figuring out myself and the only thing I knew I can do then was writing.. and I actually had the idea that if I start practising my writing and MAYBE earn something out of it, I might be able to do better things in the future (which means now..)

Then, my blog was mainly about a student's rants and blabs about life.. thinking that the world is just the campus and imagining what it would be like on the outside of it, aka reality.. Browsed through some of my older posts and realised.. I was kind of an attention seeker.. Although I would have hated to admit it.. publishing my life online for others to see is my way of gaining attention.. maybe I thought that people would see my writing but.. Ok, fine.. i would love the idea of having readers longing to know what is happening with my life and eagerly wait for the next blog post..

However and unfortunately, it did not happen. I was too lazy to maintain and would just post as I like.. then it became lesser and lesser as years passed.. and then, i became conscious of what I was sharing.. and suddenly have this weird thing of not wanting people I know to read about my life but I would prefer random readers who just happen to stumble upon my blog and found it interesting.. Which is why i find the idea of making my blog private a bit silly because this means I would have to invite people I know to read.. how else would i get readers? So, I kept my blog public but I hardly mention that I have one.. so those who just happen to find my blog and coincidentally knew me, would all be a coincidence.. How about my old readers who were mostly my friends?? Oh well, the typical attention span of a human being is pretty short.. blogging became out of trend and most my friends who used  to blog have now abandoned their blog, forgetting that it even existed.. So, how would they remember my blog when they have forgotten their own??

But, I am still struggling to update.. sometimes I would just log in and click around without posting anything.. Because... I don't know what to write about.. I need something happening in life to get the attention but my life is kinda dull.. and, picture blogs get the attention but I am not much of a picture person.. I don't really like seeing my face in photos so I hardly take any.. but now, with the wonderful invention of the smartphone with a pretty cool camera function with editing and stuff, I photograph more of my life, without my face in it.. but still, not interesting enough or I am just plain lazy to string up sentences to make it into a post..

I want to keep this blog alive.. which explains the once in a while update.. I will try to make it another 10 years.. Hopefully, you who I do not know, will still be reading..

Thank you
Signing off..

Sunday, September 18, 2016

[Y]anking myself out of my comfort zone

The title is pretty misleading because I thought I was out of my comfort zone but I somehow managed to find my way back...

Since I have started my new job, I only became busier, not only with the full-time 9-6 position but the other odd jobs that came to me by fate, by luck during the year. I had the opportunity to teach Chinese to Koreans; teach Korean to Malaysians; translate articles, books and reports from Chinese to English and vice versa, and even did a little Korean translation for the fun of it; transcribe which made me realise that I actually hate voice messages more that I thought I did (I will have another blog post about how voice messages irritates me); writing articles and posting them online to public; helping out in events and even manage to gain some experience in event organising and management, and many other odd jobs that takes up most of my time...

Being so filled with work will usually mean one thing... I would not have much time for other stuff.. Of course, my family would be my first priority and I do stay at home most of the time so that means my time with friends would be very much lesser than before... I am harder to date now, as some of my friends would comment... I am usually full during weekends and nobody wants to meet during weekdays knowing that they can't stay late and they would have to work tomorrow. It's not that I have no work, just, I am working everyday so weekdays, weekends actually made no difference and I prefer weekdays since it is crowd-less..

And so, with that I have also cut down on traveling, unless it's happening with the family.. Many would have question my decision on "missing out the world" and rather spend my money on commitments.. To be very honest, at the beginning after this decision was made, I felt green with envy every single time I see people posting the travel photos on social media, and it made my felt sulky and jealous which was actually really bad.. Then, after a while, after being able to get used to this coz people will just keep traveling, I have overcome the envy of seeing travel photos of others... I now  would just browse through and not feel anything since it is a fact that i could not afford traveling now.

And then.... here comes the comments from people who don't understand.. "traveling does not require a lot of money, you don't need to be a millionaire to travel", "you are losing out the chance of seeing the world", "traveling is my source of life, I really don't know how you could just stop traveling for years." and many more comments that look concerned but sound hurtful.. Yes, I am not going to travel for the time being unless it is with my family because I have reached the age where I prefer spending more time with family.. Why am i doing this? I have saving for commitments, I am not as blessed as some people who have an easy life without having to worry about monetary issues and being able to travel twice almost every year.. My life was once easy until it made a downturn and now I have to work on my own to get the old one back..

People would say that "life is short" YOLO, why would I spend my money on commitments rather than giving myself a chance to see the world.. Well, i was lucky enough to have been to several places during the past few years and I am really grateful of that luck but that luck ran out and I must accept the fact..

I would prefer not to depend on people when it comes to commitments.. even though it is for my family and not my personal commitments... I would prefer paying for the house my family is staying, getting all the furniture, being able to afford having my own place to stay and all my basic necessities..

If i could afford to support myself and my family one day without going hungry, that is my life goal.. and traveling comes after being able to afford things.. if that day every come, I would be so freaking proud of myself.. I just can't imagine my parents coming to me and suggest that I should discuss with my "husband" (provided if this person exists) to get a new house or anything that requires quite a sum of money that I would not have in the bank..
If that situation ever happen, (and the individual named husband exists) I hope I could tell my parents that "It's ok. I can afford."

Oh My Gawd... that would have been the coolest thing I have ever said in my life!! Being able to support not only myself but my family as well, without the help of the still-unsure-of-his-existance-husband

I really hope that one day.. just one day.. and i hope it could happen soon.. the day when I can tell my parents I can afford whatever they need.

Ooooh, can't help feeling proud just thinking of this..

Alright, time to dream
Signing off

Monday, May 16, 2016

Just a date

Born on the 11th? You'll Have 1 True Love
You may watch someone from afar before you finally decide to make your move.
It takes a long time for you to develop an attraction to someone.
Generally, you prefer to pick who you love. Anyone who tries to rush you is in for some heartache.

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 1

You are most compatible with people born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th of the month.
Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes!

Only one sounds good and bad at the same time.. It's good that you would only need to love once and get it right... 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


It has been so hard to keep on posting blogs, I have resorted back to my old way of keeping my blog alive, which is through random quizzes and tags...

Your Color is Yellow
You are an energetic and cheerful person. You have a lot of psychological and physical strength.
People find you inspiring and rely on you when times are tough. You always have something to give.

You lift others' spirits and are a natural morale booster. You help others find happiness.
You are a good listener and a true friend. You lend clarity and strength to those around you.
Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes!

Yellow was never my favourite colour.. even when the yellow ranger from Mighty Morphine Power Rangers was Asian, I never fancied yellow... but it seems, yellow keeps following me when I do not have a choice.. I remember having to wear the yellow Physical Education (P.E) shirt when I was in primary school, then I switch school and STILL end up with yellow.. THEN, i graduated and started secondary school, and guess what?? I was still Yellow!! I really don't get it, people get to change the colours of the sport houses as they change schools but I was forced to stick with yellow.. I didn't have a choice to choose my sports house colour then... 

So,  I would avoid shirts and tops that are yellow coz they remind me of P.E. 
Besides, being a chinese who have yellow skin, wearing yellow will make me look like a banana.. 
And now, yellow is BACK as my fengshui colour.. sigh.. I guess this is fate..
Oh yellow~~

You Should Stay Away From Black
You are a compassionate and caring person. You are big on forgiveness.
You try not to get weighed down by the world's problems. You do your best to help, and that's all you can do.

The color black sometimes represents oppression and even hatred. You don't want anything to do with that.
There is also a cool meanness to black, and that goes against every fiber of your being.
Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes!

Some people have a cupboard full of black shirts.. so if this is their result, they might go crazy and burn their wardrobe.. oh well, black is like the universal colour that matches with everything... having to stay away from black might be a sign telling me to jump out from my comfort zone which I am very reluctant to do so...

Just a random post on a random day to just prevent my blog from going dead..

signing off~~

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

[X]OXO Procrastinator..

Sorry for the meaningless post previously, I thought I could come out with something entertaining but I didn't realise that my ideas do not have any tolerance to long waits... so as I dragged, the ideas kinda flew off and left me with an empty brain and a supposed-to-be-emotionally-entertaining blog post.. 

In that case, I could say that I really shoud take it easy on procrastinating... I guess it's just the fact of being purely lazy that stimulates my procrastination hormones and made the whole situation even worse... As you all might know or might not, I shall not assume things.. I have a permanent 9 to 6 job from Mondays to Fridays and alternate Saturdays, besides that I also have a handful of part time free lance stuff to earn some extra income. Being working full time on weekdays does affect the mood of doing more work when you reach home. Hence it became the best excuse for me to procrastinate when it come to my other jobs.. 

My freelancing jobs include, teaching, translating, writing articles, proofreading, transcribing and some other minor jobs that pays... you might say you can't procrastinate as a teacher.. when the time comes you have to go to class and teach.. oh well, i procrastinate preparing my teaching materials.. i usually prepare them the night before class.. and my classes are usually in the morning.. if it's an afternoon class, i guess i will only be preparing on that morning itself.. then my other jobs, all allows me to complete them at the comfort of my own home.. as long as i meet deadlines.. oh yes.. DEADLINES.. these materials are usually given with an ample time towards the deadline but due to me procrastinating, those deadlines always seem very demanding where i only have that limited period of time to complete.. 

So I shall say... although it's already March and I even procrastinated for my March post which is usually about my plans after turning a year older post-birthday and stuff.. I will never make it as a professional blogger.. so here i am, amusing myself with my blog posts.. blogging for self amusement...

However, as much as i always procrastinate.. i know i must get the job done.. even if it takes off hours from my sleep.. yea, i deserve that coz i should have started earlier..

I guess I should make this a new year resolution.. procrastination is in my genes.. so i guess my resolution will be to finish my work a day before deadline.. hopefully...

signing off..