Thursday, October 15, 2009


Sigh... uni is starting next week.. back to the early mornings and limited parking space.. then the dont-know-what-to-eat-for-lunch issues... the rushing on assignment 2 days before the deadline... cramming notes (actually wanting to just burn or melt and swallow them) half an hour before an exam... and many other issues... well, that's uni life... cherish while i still have it, as a lot of people say... i will...

times flies so fast... as i keep delaying stuff that i planned to do during my break..
D.I.Y birthday card (70% done... almost)
a video (for whom-it-may-concern)
Story (TFKC, reaching the climax.. almost done,i think..)

these few days i again found something i have not been doing for a very long time.. i have been picking up a lot of things that has been forgotten during this year... this time, it's kimo clubs and SC!!!

SC stands for Sam Club... 王少偉(王紹偉)俱樂部... i was once an active member here but when he started shifting off from show biz to his Uncle Sam's bakery cafe and hardly appeared on TV, i started to shift.. not that i dont like him anymore.. just a shift of interest.. however, artiste or businessman.. i'll still be supporting him.. hehe...

so these few days, i manage to sign back into his forum and start posting threads... just to go back and be an active member for a few days... kinda miss those days.. miss leeling, and valer..

sure hope to see him again in Malaysia... or maybe just have an Uncle Sam right here.. hehe... i wish though...

signing off~~~

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