Monday, October 18, 2010

random, to tell...

10 random facts about my life, today..

1. this morning, i didn't wanna wake up because it was raining

2. the kuih bingka or bengka, however it is spelt is so filling that i could not finish my hot chocolate

3. i had an induction session with my production manager, we had this game about random truths and lies.. how random

4. i drove half of my team to putrajaya today for team lunch -- satay

5. i went to taman warisan pertanian and honestly when i first heard of the destination, it sounds like we are going for a field trip aka lawatan sambil belajar

6. i was chased up the wall by my indexer

7. i forgot to bring a plushie to work

8. i changed my login name and password on my office's pc, and change it back again

9. i chat with a random girl from taiwan through my yahoo messenger yesterday and added her on facebook

10. it's my mommy's birthday

come to think of it.. i think this could be a great way from me to constantly update my blog.. 10 random facts, everyday..  or i'll just note them in my journal...

hmmm.. I'm getting my stationery tomorrow!! Yippee.. no more borrowing liquid paper from my team leader.. hehe...

signing off (i almost typed sighing off.. a small typo makes a big difference)

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