Sunday, December 12, 2010

Time for December

Right... I'm back for my once-a-month update... It's the last month of the year 2010... How time flies.. during the beginning of this year, I was worrying about being jobless after graduation.. It seems like... Ok.. It's kinda long ago... just it doesn't seem like 11 months ago.. maybe like 6 months?? it feels like it though.. oo.. cut the crap~~ in a nutshell, i'm just in denial in the aging process...

December is suppose to be the cold month with warms hearts... as Christmas is near.. jingle bells, snowflakes, feasts, get-together and presents!!!! I never really celebrated Christmas... I'll usually tag along when my friends are celebrating... never really had to mood on my own.. So, what's going on this year?? I'm not that sure yet... hopefully, it'll be fun... even if it involves staying at home watching TV programmes aired by the channel in line with the festive season.. there can still be fun..

This marks almost the end of the year 2010... and to summarise what have i done during the whole year... you can find those events in my previous posts... well.. I never post anything that I wouldn't wanna share.. so feel free to browse around for the history of my life... hmm.. this sounds good.. I should definitely add it in my profile...
Let's see... I had my very last semester in university... sit for my very last final exam (hopefully it's my last..).. then I started work on the very next week after my finals.. guessing that i'm one of the earliest people to start working in my batch... had my moments during that time.. it was fun.. ups and downs... but it's a great experience in my life.. had a bunch of new friends along the way... then i came to the part where i had some, lose some, had it again and lost it without even knowing it... Oh, not forgetting my trip to Taiwan... I haven't been updating about it here.. the delay was due to the unorganised photos... Now i have them organised.. so i guess it'll be up sooner or later.. and then.. a round of roller coaster ride emotionally.. i landed on to my current job.. which I am adapting pretty well and quite happy with what i have..
these are the bigger stuff happening about me throughout the year.. for other smaller stuff.. i might have forgotten them already.. i myself need to check back my posts...

alright... I guess i'm done for now... hopefully to get another post up again before the year ends..

signing off~~

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