Monday, October 31, 2011

Taiwan Trip 6 (June-July2010)

We're heading off to Taichung today~~ Dragging my 20+kg luggage all the way from Jiantan to Taipei station almost took my arm off~~ 
It looks small here but trust me, those masks I bought are not feather weight...

We reach the station at 9.45am and we bought 10am tickets thinking that we could make it just in time for the bus leaving to Taichung.. however, the transport system in Taiwan is different from the one we have here, when they say 10am, it means the bus leaves at 10am, not 10am is the last call as we thought it was suppose to be.. so we reach the boarding area at 10am and no prize for getting it right, the bus left~~
Luckily we were allowed to change our tickets to the next bus which will be leaving at 10.45am, means we have to get on the bus at 10.30am.. To avoid any other silly mistakes, we waited at the waiting area in front of the bus stop..and we successfully board the bus!! Off to Taichung we go!!

The buses in Taiwan has their speaker at the sides of your head rest so you don't have to plug in earphones that might be painful after a while.. all you have to do is push the on button and control the volume. after that, just sit back, relax and enjoy the show~ =D

We reach Taichung during lunch time.. our hotel was just in front of the Taichung station.. What a relief, i don't think i can lug 20+kg any further.. 
After dropping our luggage at our hotel.. we head off for lunch.. Lu Rou (braised meat) rice, turkey meat rice and seaweed soup~~

Yes, I am hungry~~

After lunch, we waste no time and head to Jiu zu wen hua cun~ we hired a taxi for the whole journey.. The taxi driver was already offering us his service ever since we hop off from the bus when we reach Taichung.. Well, he seems sincere.. so we hired him.. all the way up to Jiu zu wen hua cun then we'll be taking the cable car to Ri Yue Tan (Sun Moon Lake) and the boat to Shui she.. so he will be picking us up from Shui she after we are done with all our activities~~

There is a small indoor theme park there.. Reminds me so much of Shao Nian Te Gong Dui (Young Force) hosted by 5566.. 



anyway, it started raining when we were there, so we had to stay in the indoor theme park to keep out from the rain.. and in the meantime wait for it to stop..

Reviving my childhood memories on the Merry-go-round~~

Then, we tried the pirate ship~

The rain has not stop, so we hopped on the roller coaster~

i rode it 4 time!! Yes we stayed that long in the theme park for me to queue, get on, ride, get off and queue again..

After the rain turn into a drizzle, we took the monorail to have a look around the park..

Time ticks away~~ although it was still drizzling but we decided that we shall not waste time and we should go walk and explore around.. Jiu zu Wen hua cun is a park where the life and traditional living tools, houses of the  Aborigines in Taiwan are exhibited.. it is a way for people to know and understand the aborigines of taiwan..

We did not spend a lot of time looking at the small villages of the aborigines because we were rushing to watch the last show at the Naruwan theatre~

It is actually a very typical story of how a guy and a girl met, fell in love and get married, in the end lived happily ever after~

After the show, we head of to the cable car station to hop on a cable car to Sun Moon Lake~

Here we are at Sun Moon Lake~~ walked around the place.. it's kinda quiet tho, i guess it is because of the rain and it is also getting late..

After we are done wandering.. We bought tickets for the boat ride to Shui She~
While waiting~

Sigh~~ I used to be this size~~ i have really expanded through the days~~

The boat arrived~~ finally

Here we are at Shui She~~

A cat sitting unusually straight which reminds me of Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter series~

After we were done, we call the taxi driver and head back to Taichung.. It was raining pretty heavily in Taichung but the taxi driver just will not let us off by dropping us at our hotel.. he insists that young people should not be back at the hotel that early.. we should be out, under a shade at least until the rain stops and continue having fun... huuu.. the taiwanese tourism board must have paid him a good sum~~ so he dropped us at Yizhongjie, night market, some sort.. we had dinner at the toilet bowl concept restaurant~~ and after we were done, the rain has not stop, so we head back to the hotel anyway~ =P

The next one will be the last day~~ and i am i finally done posting a travelogue from start to finish~~ let's hope i dont get too lazy..

signing off

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