Wednesday, November 02, 2011

10 places that I would love to go again

Heyo, I'm back to continue my list of "10 places that I would love to go again".
Number 1

Hong Kong

This has always been my top favourite place as a TVB fan... People say it's a really hectic and stressful place to be in but then.. I still like it.. after visiting the country for a handful of times, I never stop liking this place.. With this in the picture

it definitely deserves the very top spot in my list.

Number 2

Shanghai, China

Well, I really like developed cities.. The last time I was here, I only spent 2 days as I was following a tour.. Would definitely love to come again and stay for a week or so..

Number 3


Been there last year, enjoyed and would like to go again years later to see the difference.
Number 4

Hangzhou, China

For those who haven't been here... It's beautiful!!!

Number 5

Beijing, China

I did promise my mom that I'll bring her to the Forbidden Palace again after the tantrum that I caused when I was 5(or 6) resulting us(the family without my brother, yet) never got to see the exciting parts of the palace.. Well, it was not my fault that the place is humongous and I'm a kid with short legs who lived all her life in a place where the sun shines every single day and can't stand the freezing weather in Beijing...

Number 6

Guangzhou, China

Right, I am aware that this is like the 4th (excluding HK and TW) PRC city I have listed... Well, I am Malaysian Chinese and I do feel more comfortable being in a place where the majority speaks a language that I understand. I was on a tour too the last time I've been here and spent only 1 day here.. so i need more time to explore this place.
Number 7

Shenzhen, China

Thanks to several HK dramas, this place has been labeled as the place for pirated stuff and mistresses.. In my point of view, it's a great place for shopping (not for pirated stuff).

Number 8


A place close to home... and it has the Universal Studios!!

Number 9

Dalian, China

This will be my last Chinese cities... A very unique city in China, it's different from the other big cities in China.. Worth to be explored..

Number 10
Malacca, Malaysia
And of course, how could I not list a place that is in the country that I'm living in?? I would be suggesting Malacca as the place to go to a foreigner, it has everything from historical stuff, cultural stuff, shopping and food..
As a conclusion after writing both posts about places around the world, I'm more of a city, shopping, play and sight-seeing person.. Beaches are not much of my genre... So, here we are.. my lists of places that I would like to go to...
So time to save my travel funds... i think I should be able to go one place per year... hopefully~~

That's all folks

Signing off

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