Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I believe i have mention a gazillion times that I love words and enjoy writing.. However, am not sure if it is due to the aging process, lack of practise or the current working environment, I somehow lost the vibe in blogging.. I always wanted to post something on my blog, note "wanted"... i signed into Blogger, open my dashboard and click the "New Post" icon and what happens next?? I will be staring at this very page.. for like god-knows-how-long and something will suddenly struck me that I have nothing to write about..

Actually, I do have things that I would like to pen.. or more appropriately type out but I just can't explain why I can't spill out words after words forming a sentence and sentence after sentence forming paragraphs and in the end mush up into a blog post.. I can't do that anymore..

And now, I have reached the state where I am totally lost for words... I now have nothing to spill anymore and this blog post is too short to end~~

I shall just share some photos of my korea trip to fill space..

Signing off~~

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