Saturday, August 04, 2012

The Singapore rush~ Part 2

Woke up the next day at 8.30am... bathed and got ready for the day.. finished my bun that was a few bites less from yesterday as I was tempted by room mate's cup noodles..

After everything was done, we head off to Clarke Quay to meet Korean Chingu and off we go to the spot light of the whole trip ~~ The Harry Potter Exhibition!!

We took the MRT to Marina and got to know that we actually should have got off at Bayfront.. so we took the circle line from Marina and off to Bayfront we go~~ We reach Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall (i'm not sure what was it called, it's somewhat like this).. Got directions from the customer service and off to the Art and Science Museum we go.. it's quite a distance.. and the weather was super hot.. I was sweating like a hosepipe when I was there.. I guess after being in the air-conditioned office ever since I started in Cyber, I do need to sweat.. w

We reached the museum, bought our tickets.. 24SGD scanned the barcode to get in and here we are! The Harry Potter Exhibition!! I'll blog a post about this later..

This was what the greeted us at the entrance.. The Ford Anglia from The Chamber of Secrets~ and this is the only photo I had for the exhibition ad photos are prohibited in the exhibition..

After the exhibition, we reach the souvenir shop.. typical.. but it was amazing, seeing wands for sale, the school books, brooms, quills and ink, parchments like Harry Potter's admission letter and the signed parchment of the Dumbledore's Army, and many others things you can think of... Of course, there were chocolate frogs and bertie botts every flavoured beans... But they were all super pricey.. nothing for less than 10SGD, i think.. There's so many things that I would like to keep but I am on a budget.. after a round, maybe 2.. or a dozen rounds of thinking.. I bought the Ravenclaw scarf!! What a splurge!! I have been planning to get the scarf ever since I knew it was going to be on sale at the exhibition.. i struggled due to the price.. 40SGD is not a small amount... Anyway, I got it.. and people will be asking.. Why Ravenclaw?? Harry Potter is in Gryffindor.. well, that's too typical.. and besides.. The first time I tried the sorting, I was sorted into Ravenclaw.. before I even understood about the 4 houses in Hogwarts... So, Ravenclaw, it is.. besides, typical is so not me~~ the whole world will be fancy-ing over Gryffindor and Slytherin.. I prefer the one least chosen, than you very much.

After this, we went to Orchard Road had lunch at Ion's food court... Fishball soup and mee pok 5SGD... really nice but i had to wait for 15 minutes for it.. the queue was super long for this stall.. After that, we took a stroll at Lucky Plaza and then took off to Little India...

I actually grabbed this through Google Search.. it was too sunny for me to think of taking photos.. so we walked and walked and walked.. unable to open my eyes due to the sun, I bought shades for 1.90SGD.. after a few rounds under the sun, Korean Chingu called it a day coz she was still jetlagged from Paris, so she headed back to get some sleep and we stopped by Bugis again for a fina round of shopping..

I was planning to get a bag.. so we reach a stall that sells bags with a huge 10SGD sign on it.. There was a girl holding one of the bags sold, I caught a glimpse at the bag and it was pretty.. So I decided to wait for her to leave and then ask for the same one.. in the meantime, we looked around at other bags while the girl bargained.. assuming that all the bags there are 10SGD, we wondered why was she bargaining.. only to hear that that bag was actually 25!! oookaaay... not within the budget we change our targets.. good thing that girl was there to distract the stall owner, so we were free to look around at others after shifting from a 15.90 to another 15.90 and then we finally found a nice one for 10SGD.. bought one each and head back to the hostel for our bags..

We lost track of time and was kinda late.. -hence the title of the Singapore Rush- desperate to not miss the bus, I freaked out and forgot the way back to The Plaza.. Good thing chingu still as a calm mind and we managed make it ON TIME!!! phew~~
Back to Malaysia~~

We stopped at Pagoh for dinner and got up the wrong bus.. realising someone was sleeping at our seats.. it took us a few seconds to realise that we were on the wrong bus.. luckily there was only one person on the bus that time to save us from total embarrassment..

I got home at around 11pm after a fulfilling trip, tired legs and a very satisfied mood..

I spent RM156.50 on my accommodation and transport.. and 99.70SGD in Singapore which includes food, transport and shopping~

 The stuff I bought.. the shades, Ravenclaw scarf and the bag, the red one, just if you were wondering... I just had to put the paper bag in..

Well, that's me and budget travel.. mind you, if you did not buy the scarf or go see Harry Potter, you will have more than 60SGD to spare and that's quite a lot for shopping and food..

Signing off~~

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