Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Macau-Hong Kong Birthday Trip Day 4

Happy 2013!!

I'm back to my travel posts.. Day 4 in HK... We decided to stay around Kowloon for the day and go shopping.. We had breakfast at a porridge shop which we forgot to take photos of..After that, we took off to City University of Hong Kong to get some information.. This was my personal itinerary.. and hp was kind enough to come along with me.. 

We followed the directions I found online.. CityU is right next to a shopping mall... in other to reach the University, you will need to go through the mall... How happening.. 

Walking into the university was nice.. I never had the chance to study in a school with a campus.. my university was just a building.. a factory-like building in an industrial area... anyway, i got a chance to walk around the campus because i was searching for the department of further studies.. i stumbled upon the department of english to check out one of their masters course..

I really hope that I could have the chance to come study here one day... well, seeing the condition I'm in.. it will have to wait.. I hate being in a condition that I cannot tell anybody about.. sigh... I sure hope the source of the problem will stop causing problems.. I really have plans for my life without these problems hanging around like dusts in the air, I would have accomplished quite a few of my plans already..

Back to HK, after CityU, we stopped by Langham Place.. hp wanted to go to their H&M.. that time, H&M have not come to Malaysia yet... so she wanted to buy some stuff there since she couldn't get it in Malaysia YET... I am not sure what promotion H&M had, the crowd was crazy!!! no photos coz I heard the salesperson told off another person to not take photos so I decided to not take the risk.. I wasn't planning to lbuy anything.. so i just roam and wandered around while hp was choosing apparels and queuing for the fitting room.. I forgot how long we took but we spent quite some time in H&M..

After that, we went shopping at Argyle Centre... One of my favourite place to shop.. I saw a cute dress when we first walked in and bargained a while.. the price was ok but not really a must-buy-bargain price so I said we'll walk around first.. and I saw the same dress in another shop.. and was offered the same price but the first shop offered me a free belt whilst the second shop did not.. so, in the end, I went back to the first shop to buy... and GOSH!!! the lady from the second shop was there and caught me buying from the first shop.. Awkward!!! then she told me, they were under the same boss so their clothes are similar and she asked the girl from the first shop how much she offered me and she said the same price as the lady had offered.. ooo.. this is really awkward that I quickly paid and got out of the shop.. phew...

Then we head to Miramar Shopping Centre.. I remembered coming here in 2008 and shopped at their Uniqlo... and that was when Uniqlo was not in Malaysia yet...

While waiting for hp as she was in the wash room (we didnt have phones to contact each other so I have to stay at one place to wait), there was a prize giving ceremony happening at the ground floor.. good thing there was something to watch.. i think it was some awareness video prize giving thingy.. I only remembered to take photos after the event is done.. but looking at them clearing up reminds me of the last episode of EMUF...

While I was waiting for hp who was using the toilet again... i took photo of the roads outside the mall.. You are looking at Tsim Sha Tsui now...

Then, we head to Megabox.. I remember Megabox was a fun place to hang out.. but maybe coz my feet was hurting, no sure why.. I could usually walk for long hours, maybe the soles of my new shoes were too hard.. so we left Megabox and cancelled our plan about going to APM to see oolongtea, and head back to the hotel..

It was our last time using the Octopus card.. so after we reached Jordan, we hand in the card and got our refund..

Just something we saw on the way back to the hotel.. this was actually remote control cars moving along the street.. i thought it was cute but couldn't get a clear shot... so just use your imagination, will ya??

It's our last night in HK.. and it's my birthday the next day...

Stay tuned for more..
signing off..

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