Friday, December 25, 2015

[V]ery Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas peepoes, if there are still any..
I have seriously considered to switch to vlogging since it seems slightly easier than writing an essay about my life.. however when i considered the editing part, I guess it was not as easy as I thought.. I am already so reluctant to type, i don't think i would be any way different with editing video.. So, I thought.. back to the old blogging.. I still prefer writing but just I sometimes am lazy to type them out..

Still pending... My Korean study tour posts.. Will be up, I promise but i can't promise when..

Oh well, it is Christmas.. Although I don't really celebrate but I love the Christmas atmosphere around me... Shopping malls with Christmas theme has something I can't explain that warms the heart.. Christmas to my is usually about toys.. I remember the Home Alone movies that usually come out during Christmas always have its ending of unwrapping presents and a heap of toys.. especially Home Alone 2 where there was a toy store, a huge one in the centre of NYC.. It has been my dream to visit a toy store that big... but i guess nowadays kids are more drawn to ipads and computers games than to play with toys.. besides, toys nowadays are darn expensive..

In case you haven't seen the Christmas decoration in Mid Valley.. here you go..

Cuckoo clocks... so nostalgic.. I wonder if people still use these..

Teddy bears on top, soft fluffy teddy bears..

Alphabet blocks.. all the toys from my childhood... How can I not love this??

And of course... we had a gift exchange thingy in the office.. so here's what I have gotten :)

The pillow, teddy bear and snowman basket was from the company's gift exchange.. I actually got a music box but then a colleague came with the teddy, snowman and pillow and asked if I was keen to exchange... I couldn't say no to the teddy bear so I exchanged.. I didn't know what to do with a music box anyway.. so I am happy.. the panda thingy is from the department's "secret santa" who turns out to be my manager.. I don't really understand why they reveal the identity of the secret santa but oh well.. it is small but at least it is cute and it's a panda so I like it.. The bigger tube is a hand cream from of the managers in my department and the smaller crabtree hand cream is from my GM... Last but not least, the starbucks card on the teddy's lap is a gift from the company...

And that's all for my update..
Signing off..

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