Sunday, October 16, 2016

10 years! How long has it been?

I just missed the 10th year of my blog's existence!! It's actually 2 weeks ago, so now, here I am making up for the long absence..

I started this blog while I was in uni still figuring out myself and the only thing I knew I can do then was writing.. and I actually had the idea that if I start practising my writing and MAYBE earn something out of it, I might be able to do better things in the future (which means now..)

Then, my blog was mainly about a student's rants and blabs about life.. thinking that the world is just the campus and imagining what it would be like on the outside of it, aka reality.. Browsed through some of my older posts and realised.. I was kind of an attention seeker.. Although I would have hated to admit it.. publishing my life online for others to see is my way of gaining attention.. maybe I thought that people would see my writing but.. Ok, fine.. i would love the idea of having readers longing to know what is happening with my life and eagerly wait for the next blog post..

However and unfortunately, it did not happen. I was too lazy to maintain and would just post as I like.. then it became lesser and lesser as years passed.. and then, i became conscious of what I was sharing.. and suddenly have this weird thing of not wanting people I know to read about my life but I would prefer random readers who just happen to stumble upon my blog and found it interesting.. Which is why i find the idea of making my blog private a bit silly because this means I would have to invite people I know to read.. how else would i get readers? So, I kept my blog public but I hardly mention that I have one.. so those who just happen to find my blog and coincidentally knew me, would all be a coincidence.. How about my old readers who were mostly my friends?? Oh well, the typical attention span of a human being is pretty short.. blogging became out of trend and most my friends who used  to blog have now abandoned their blog, forgetting that it even existed.. So, how would they remember my blog when they have forgotten their own??

But, I am still struggling to update.. sometimes I would just log in and click around without posting anything.. Because... I don't know what to write about.. I need something happening in life to get the attention but my life is kinda dull.. and, picture blogs get the attention but I am not much of a picture person.. I don't really like seeing my face in photos so I hardly take any.. but now, with the wonderful invention of the smartphone with a pretty cool camera function with editing and stuff, I photograph more of my life, without my face in it.. but still, not interesting enough or I am just plain lazy to string up sentences to make it into a post..

I want to keep this blog alive.. which explains the once in a while update.. I will try to make it another 10 years.. Hopefully, you who I do not know, will still be reading..

Thank you
Signing off..

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WOW !! Congratulations mate, you are prolly the only blog i knw to have completed 10 years... great job and wish you much more successs..