Sunday, September 13, 2009

My last shooting at XW (part1 - the set up)

I have been involved in 5 shootings (2TVC & 2 infomercials & 1 infomercial+TVC) during my internship in XuanWorks... all of them has been fun... so now its time to share them here... i'll go backwards starting off with my most recent shoot... that was on last saturday-sunday... overnight shoot from 12pm (05/09) til 3am (06/09)...

The set

The "resting" area..

The Product.. (i'm not sure whether i can reveal or not, so i guess this is it)

The director (the product is clearer now... haha)

The assistant director

The assistant producers

The producer

The art department (plus our new intern, Nick in the 2nd photo)

The DOP (director of photography)

The camera crew

The conty Girl

The best candidate to test lighting and angles, our another new intern, corine

The client services executive..

The clients

The talents...

And... the wardrobe person, photographer of behind the scenes, written a few lines of the script and production assistant.... yours truly....

This is the setting up part... that's all for now...
stay tune for more....

~signing off...

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pink kokoro said...


everything looks interesting:D

i can almost imagine you at a HK drama set!