Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A little something from my current life

Well... Since i am in the mood to post something here.. i will might as well update something about my current life.. which is surrounded and cornered by exams.. foooh... Speaking about exams.. this very last final exam of my degree life is the most torturous ever!! Not only the pressure to my very best to achieve as much gpa as i can to pull up my already pathetic cgpa.. but the mood to get everything done and dealt with, really takes away my mood to study... just think that i could ditch all these once and for all and get on with life makes me excited until i lost the touch with my notes and text books..

the other subjects have passed and are history.. so i'll just talk about the paper i just had this morning and the next paper on thursday... It's film studies paper today.. for this paper, i am not only suppose to know the history and movements of film... i'll have to watch movies too... Not the typical ones.. a significant soviet montage film, the Battleship Potemkin, it's a silent movie.. it's black and white.. and.... the best thing is... it's in Russian!! Then a combination of film noir and science fiction film, Blade Runner... it's an 80s sci-fi film.. and a dash of film noir which is a direct opposite of the typical sci-fi... so i'll have to analyse... well.. it has Harrison Ford in it.. so it's not too bad... but i only watch half of it... at least i watched.. coz i did not touch Battleship Potemkin... i have the feeling that i'll go blank even after watching the film.. so i should not waste time.. better make use of it and search for information online... and a good thing i did... coz what i found is exactly what is required of the question... wahahahahahaha... it's so unusual for me to have luck in spotting questions.. it is usually those i studied hard and memorise will not come out as questions... hmm.. lucky me.. thank god!!

Oh ya.. i am suppose to watch a Malaysian film... but i forgot about it.. so i totally skipped that question.. i did attempt to do that question because it just need arguements instead of theories.. but those need time to build up.. and for the malaysian movie, i could take movies that i have watched.. Kami, the movie, Spinning Gasing, Sepet, Talentime, Impak Maksima, Rain Dogs, Gol dan Gincu... hmm.. i did not realise that i have watched quite a number of local movies.. hahaha... but i also need time to think back and refresh the storyline... however time is what i'm lacking during exam.. so i ditched it..

anyway... i hope my answers are acceptable to get higher marks... hope hope hope.... i really need luck for this...

then on thursday, it will be my last paper... Television Production 2... sigh... a clueless paper.. the whole subject is basically us pouring our whole effort into the final year project which is under this subject, the multi-camera production of a live show... other that tips, dos and don'ts in the studio for the shooting, i could not really remember what else what taught in class... how am i suppose to sit for the exam??!! the best thing is, the guidelines given by the lecturers are so vague that i could just might as well burn the notes and swallow.. hoping i could remember everything in the notes that is so unfamiliar to me... hope hope hope, again...

ok... dinnertime...

SIgning off~~

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