Thursday, October 07, 2010


HI!! Just somehow in the mood of writing something.. so here I am... after 1 month in my current company.. i have got to know some of my colleagues pretty well... by listening to their conversations during lunchtime and some sharing.. I think i'm one of the youngest in the group... but i seriously think i look old.. Sigh~~

They have been asking that why did i switch my field from an exciting, happening broadcast tv production field to a boring, routine-ed publishing field?? "it's just routine work, doing the same thing everyday, you'll get bored easily..." Why did you come here?? tv production must be a better and fun environment to be spending your young and carefree days (which i think they mean know, judging on their reaction when they knew my age)".. I know.. i am totally aware of what i am currently signing up for... i know it's gonna be routine work.. i understand that it'll be a 7.5hr job during the weekdays, sitting in the office for 7.5hrs a day, without having to travel.. the furthest i have to walk is from my desk to the cafe which is situated downstairs and at the end of the floor but I dont go there frequently..

the course i studied for my degree is not destined for a 9-5 office job... people enroll to that course for the one main reason is to escape from getting into a 9-5 office job... so what am i doing?? as i have said in the previous post... tv production?? been there, done that... 4 months of internship and 3 months of "part-time" employment is enough for me to see where will i head to if i continue sinking myself into the industry... yes, i like production work... but the things that i like is to be handling the casts and supervising the script (which i hope is written by me), and maybe be in charge of the wardrobe.. that's all i guess.. i don't enjoy experimenting camera angles and lighting, i dont have the interest in arranging the props and trying to make them all look nice on the screen, i dont have the patience to see one thing shot over and over and over and over just to get the perfect shot... and last but not least, i don't like to hang around and act busy because honestly sometimes i have nothing to do on shoot... so i guess i am not that into production after all... the things that i enjoy is lesser than the things that i don't... so since i'm "young and carefree".. i guess i should try my other options and venture into other fields or industry.. like my second choice, the journalism, publishing field.. which i am trying out now..

i know it'll not be as happening and exciting as tv production... all i have is words and more word documents to accompany my hours.. however, i do admit... i'm not a happening and always-seeking-for-excitement person.. i dont plan my weekends.. i prefer staying at home with my tv or computer... i do take annual leaves for nothing (ok, the main reason is to clear them so that they wont go to waste)... i don't mind staying at home 24/7, i have my own ways of entertainment at home.. people will ask, why waste your time going home early?? don't you have any after work programmes?? honestly, no.. i hardly have any.. so a boring job for a boring person is just a match from heaven... they go together perfectly..

if you ask me, do i miss my old life in tv production.. well, yes, i do.. for the things mentioned above, handling casts, wardrobe and scripts... the rest... i can do without them... which is also why i now keep a journal with me.. ok, it's acts as a notebook as well (since i really can't use my pretty journal collection), my yearly organiser... i need to have something to write on.. my blogs are getting more and more exposed to people that i don't want them wandering around about my life... a personal journal works for me then... i could even jot down inspirations... if only i could draw... then it'll be lovely and more interesting instead of dull single-colored writings... but anyway, that also shows how boring am i...

how long have i been spending writing this post??

signing off~~

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