Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I know i have not been posting blogs with photos for a very very long time.. so here's a treat.. 2 consecutive posts with photos... Well.. thanks to some photographers, I have some photos to share about the Regional Open house at my company during the Raya season... (29 of September, i think)

A small celebration by the Asia teams in my company...

Check out the food!!!

Each and every team member contributed something.. which fills the tables.. a few tables were lined up to fit all these food...

Let's dig in!!

The teams having rounds of charade... and the good news is.. our team won!! yipppeee yay yay!! well, the operations team won.. actually... but because they were our invited guest so they pass the prize to the first runner up... which is us... hehe.. and no, we did not pass it out... it's for us..

Well... i guess that's all folks!!

Signing off..

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Kee Kee 琦琦 said...

hm, i dont know the exact date tim...should be near coz the birthday party is this coming sat any case one last pic they could squeeze in....(or u wanna try ask cha cha or ching ching?) use a PM on forum...