Monday, January 03, 2011

Belated New Year post

It's the third day of the year already... and i haven't post anything up yet.. Better get something on here first.. being neglected in the new year is not a good thing... even for a blog..

There's actually another post in my drafts waiting to be posted.. just that i haven't got the photos uploaded into my computer so it's still lying in my drafts waiting for this one fine day where it could see the daylight.. Yeah.. i admit that i'm very lazy when it comes to uploading photos.. which is why my taiwan trip post that i have promised is not up yet..

alright.. let's get on with the typical new year post.. what shall I be writing about?? what else?? new year resolutons.. before i start blabbing about some dreams that i might not be able to achieve.. let's check if i have set any resolutions for the past year... hold on yo!!

alright.. it turns out that I only have 2 new year resolutions for 2010 (after summarising)..
first.. graduate with first class honours..
gosh!! this will be my worst nightmare.. not only that i'm not anywhere near it.. I can only settle with the majority of second class upper.. there goes my hopes of applying scholarships and stuff.. sigh~~

second.. find a decent job after graduation..
Ooo.. this is much better.. although i have been through a series of job hopping experience.. but i finally settled in a decent place, having a job that i think i'll be able to settle in for 2 years before heading off for my masters degreee..

So, will i be making any more new year resolutions for 2011?? maybe.. give me a few minutes to think..
first and foremost.. I wanna go for another oversea trip.. I'm actually planning to go to Singapore as it is nearer and I might be able to save some of the hotel expenditure as i have relatives staying there.. and there's not only one.. besides, I wanna have a look around Universal Studios.. I heard that it's kinda pricey.. so I'm still saving for it.. hopefully, I could secure my funds..

secondly, continue learning either japanese or korean.. I feel it's kinda wasted being left as it is.. I haven't decide which to continue yet though.. mast probably it will be korean as I'm still in touch with my korean seon seng nim.. we'll see how it goes..

thirdly, ermm... I was stuck here for 5 whole minutes (playing with country story at the same time).. so I assume i have no more ideas for resolutions for now.. i'll update if I suddenly thought of any..

Okay... That's all for now..

Signing off~~

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