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Harry Potter Exhibition in the Lion City

I am not an avid Harry Potter fan, maybe just a typical fan, unlike how some people might call themselves as but I do like it, how the story goes and how it emerges into a whole new world by itself. I did grew up with Harry Potter, which means i once wondered if I would be able to receive my letter to Hogwarts..

Well, that was before.. But, not being able to go to Hogwarts does not mean that I could not imagine it and join the fun.. Well, I did create a new character alongside the storyline just for self amusement years ago.. Then, I lost my drafts and stopped writing about it... Lately, it seems that the Harry Potter trend somehow came back, although the last film was in cinemas quite a while ago.. My old ideas decided to come back.. So I revamped my initial idea and continued writing..

It really amazes me how the whole wizarding world somehow became a somewhat "real world".. as I was doing research for my story, I found a whole lot of useful facts that were not found in the book or the films.. And it was a really fascinating read~~

I was just back from the Harry Potter Exhibition in Singapore.. As somebody who did enjoyed Harry Potter and who was also from a TV and film production background, I enjoyed the whole thing.. and i should have got the audio guides for a more detailed understanding through the props but it was the extra dollars that I thought I would not want to spend... However, without the audio guides, I tried to observe all the exhibits, to make use of what may be my one and only chance to a Harry Potter exhibition.. Crammed everything I have seen into the limited brain space of mine..

All the way to Marina Bay Sands, Art and Science Museum~~ All these photos are from the official website because I am not allowed to take any photos in there or I'll be taken by the Dementors and get sent straight to Azkaban (That was what the guide told me! =P)

Before going in, you will be greeted by the Ford Anglia, used in the second movie, where Ron and Harry didn't manage to get pass the gateway at Platform 9 and 3/4 as it was sealed by Dobby, so they flew Mr Weasley's car to Hogwarts.. and why am I telling you this?? You should have known..

Then, we were asked to wait for the previous sorting to end before we could go in..

There's also photo-taking stuff, the typical ones, on a green screen and you will appear to be in front of Hagrid's Hut.. It was too expensive so..
Anyway, the waiting area is like a corridor with poster posters of all 8 movies..
After the previous sorting is done (I guess),then a door opened, and there was the sorting hat on a chair.. They will ask before hand what is your favourite house and you will most likely be sorted into it.. I'm a Ravenclaw from the start~ There were a few Caucasians with us, 1 was sorted into Slytherin and 1 into Gryffindor, yah~ typical~~ I prefer brains.. Ravenclaw!! (Eagle Shrieks~)

We were led into another room, a dark room playing the growing up of Harry Potter aka Daniel Radcliffe throughout the 8 movies.. After watching all of them, the journey begins..
Okay, i don't remember the exact sequence of the exhibition, I'll just go with what I remember and some photos I have found.. I will just share a few main attractions..


 The Gryffindor common room, you can see Harry and Ron's four-poster bed

Professor Slughorn's office or classroom.. it does look bright and sunny comparing to the dark dungeons Professor Snape used to teach in..

Herbology?? These are Mandrakes.. they scream when you pull them out.. they can be quite noisy, all you have to do is push them back in.. their shrieks wont kill you as said in the books it will just annoy you..

You can also play chaser in a mini game of Quidditch.. I prefer to be a beater.. but throwing Quaffles can be fun too!!

Quidditch uniforms~~ The Bulgarian uniform looks nicer, in my opinion~ and in case you were wondering, the black one on the left is Madam Hooch, the flying coach's robes...

The Triwizard Cup~~ If Cedric Diggory has not touched it, he will not have to die... and the green thing is Rita Skeeter's quick quotes quill, that usually writes nonsense..

Say Hi to Buckbeak!

I heard the Phelps were there last month or was it June?? anyway.. If you don't know who the Phelps are, please don't call yourself a Harry Potter fan~~

How could a self-proclaimed Harry Potter fan not know about the Phelps??

When I say Phelps.. I meant the Phelps twins~~ James and Oliver Phelps..

Fred and George Weasley...

Please don't go "aaah", "ooohh" now and say you do know them.. You didn't in the first place.. =P

Alright, that's all I have to share about the exhibition... there're loads more but just to let you know.. there's a lot of seeing to be done.. not much hands-on whatsoever.. so if you are not ready to look and observe things.. I don't really encourage you going.. but if you are interested in their props and setting, this is the best place to be.. and it is worth the money...

Signing off

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