Saturday, October 13, 2012

Macau-Hong Kong Birthday Trip Day 2 -Part 1-

Waking up and realising you're are in HK is a GREEEEEAT feeling!!! I am not sure about you, I really love HK!! well, like K-pop fans love Korea... except, I don't love just for the entertainment industry.. I love every single thing on it... and the main thing that differs me from crazy fans is that I don't expect to bump into any celebrities on the road.. I love HK even though the celebrities don't walk out on the roads~~ 

Alright, done expressing.. Back to the story.. We woke up early... around 7am... head off for breakfast...
Hopped on the MTR, that was our main transport through out the whole trip.. It is a shame that Malaysia does not have such public transportation system.. It will really pull tourists... and wipe of their impression and fear of being conned by taxi drivers...

It was pretty chilly... the 4 days we spent in HK, it was around 12-14 degrees... chilly but not freezing cold.. I love it!!!! Ok, fine whatever they have there, I just love everything!!!!

What's for breakfast???
You're in HK for god's sake... Ain't it the best time for DIMSUM!!!!!

We were searching for a restaurant that was introduced in HP's travel guide but when we reach there, it looks empty, the ground floor was a foyer with a few trolleys with several baskets of dimsum on them... we wandered around the waiters just ignored us.. we tried going upstairs but it was dark.. like a haunted restaurant.. so fine.. we left the place.. since there is no way you can't find a dimsum restaurant in HK... and we're in Mongkok!! there's loads of them... so, we went in another restaurant... and fulfill the dimsum craving~~

The name of the restaurant, in case you're wondering..

Bat Bou zhuk

top left: har gau, top right: Lau sar pau (oooo... I loved this!!!), bottom: fuchuk

See the prawn in the har gau???

Siew mai!!

I am not a fussy eater so whatever I eat, it will be ok... when I say something does not taste good, it means it is really bad!!! Note: my tolerance level is very high~~
well, the breakfast was superb!!!! extra points were given because I am in HK... ok, if i ever say this again, i'll be thrown with whatever people could grab within an arm stretch...

We decided to explore HK island today, so our first stop is to Stanley!!!

On the way to the Central Bus Stop, HP wanted to pose but I didn't realise that... I was actually focusing on the camera man..

Sigh, seeing video cameras and production crew makes me miss the production field... Did I make a wrong choice leaving???

On the bus to Stanley!!!!

There was a girl gossiping about her office on the phone sitting behind us... I was eavesdropping throughout the whole journey =P
It was not entirely my fault, ok?? She talked loud enough for me to hear and there was nothing else to do on the bus...

We're here!!!!!

I found the ties that my bro have always wanted right after I got of the bus!! SEE, how can I not love this place?? My bro has been looking for narrow ties for a long time.. but they are too expensive for him to afford.. the ones that my dad wears are thick and uncle-like according to him, he wants the narrow kind.. Sigh, my bro is vain-er than me... anyway, i got the ties 30HKD for 2... bought him a light coloured one and a dark coloured one..

Then I found a pouch... salmon pink!! but it was quite expensive.. i have been looking for a pouch that could fits my cards and phone all in one.. so that I can just carry that out instead of bringing a handbag... anyway.. I managed to haggle and oh-great-i-forgot-how-much-i-paid...

After Stanley, we were planning to go to see people "da siu yan" but we could not find the stop for it.. after a while we decided to just hop of Queen East road.. and found Hennessy Road which will lead to "Ngor Geng Bridge", the place where you see people "da siu yan" but we decided to just walk around Queen East Road and found Causeway Bay~~ Shop Shop Shop...

We had lunch at McD... ordered pork patty muffin.. It tasted more or less like or breakfast muffin... but it is still nice!! and you know why~~

The scene while munching my muffin~~ ladies and gentlemen, behold causeway bay~~

After lunch, we hopped on a "ding ding"(densha) and round the HK city centre...

Where we hopped off~~ Reminds me of the song by Twins 下一站~天后...

After that, we wanted to walk the Central-Mid-Levels Escalator and Walkway System... However, the escalator was under maintenance.. and we wanted to save our energy to reach higher grounds.. so we head back to the bus stop...

STay tune for what happens next...

Till then
Signing off~~~

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