Saturday, December 14, 2013

The 90s kid tag

 Half of December has gone by and I have 4 ore posts to go before I complete my new year resolution for this year... I guess i should not make any blogging resolutions new year.. They are so hard to keep when you have a target.. I will just stick to writing whenever I like it...writing seems easier that way..

Oh dear, I just remembered that I have a fanfic to complete... This will serve as a reminder for me to not make new year resolutions about blogging, it kills the fun..
 Anyway, I found another fun tag to do.. It's the 90s kid tag... I grew up in the 90s so this is like a walk down memory lane.. Hopefully I remember what I have been doing throughout that period as my memory is kinda failing me lately... I blame it on aging...

Here goes!!
1. Favorite TV show
I had a few... There were Full House...

 Family Matters... "Did I do THAT???"

I was and still am a TV buff.. These are those I have been watching before I could understand what was happening.. and of course my ultimate favourite was SESAME STREET

And.... Power Rangers!!

2. Favorite Toy
The first thing that came to my mind is....

Polly Pocket!!! These are pocket size doll house with different themes, super interesting and super fun!! I have always dream of having a doll house but it's really expensive.. so Polly Pocket is the next best thing... but if you have younger brothers or sisters that are in the age of putting everything they could grasp into their mouths this should be put away.. the dolls are around 2cm tall so it's hazardous... I remember my mom kept away all my Polly Pocket dolls when my sis was that age, leaving me with just the doll house and my imagination...

3. Favorite Commercial 
I actually found the commercial on youtube!!!
Remember how I said I always wanted a doll house.. It's all because of this ad!!

Doll houses were like the coolest thing a girl could ever own...

4. NSync or Backstreet Boys
I actually liked NSync but I listen to more Backstreet Boys.. so I am not sure which one I prefer more than the other...

5. Weirdest Fashion Trend
I dont really know fashion trends back then... so.. I'll just pass this..

6. Favorite Collectables
I used to collect a whole lot of erasers.. not sure if they are considered as collectables but I sure got a hell lot of nagging for the heaps of erasers I have been collecting and I will never let anybody use them..

 There were those which comes in all colours, shapes and sizes which I can get with a pack of noodle snack.. JJ (I couldn't find the image of the snack from google but those who were kids during the 90s should have known about this.. the snack that has a free eraser!!)

And the very popular flag erasers... there are a ton of designs on these kind of rectangular erasers.. I remember I had the power rangers, hello kitty, and alphabets version... that sums up to a hell lot of erasers!!!
7. Favorite Beanie Baby
The sesame street ones!!!

8. How many Tamagotchi's did you go through?
One... and I had it after the Tamagotchi trend died down... because i could get it for a cheaper price...

9. Favorite Game Console + Game
I dont own any game consoles... can I just replace it with a PC game?? My favourite was Wacky Race.. It's not just a racing game.. you get to throw bombs and spill spikes at your opponents..

10. Favorite Disney Movie
 The incredibles was out in 2004~~ so I can't say The Incredibles... So I'll go for Mulan.. Asian pride!!

11. Favorite Music Artist
I was really into chinese pop that time.. and I had loads of favourite singers.. My favourite that time should have been Ekin Cheng..

12. Favorite Nick Jr. show
I had to google this since it made no difference to me back then.. Cartoons were not split base on whether they are from Disney or Nick or Cartoon Network.. From where I come from, they will all be in the same channel on TV... My favourite was.. Inspector Gadget!!

13. Favorite Candy
Push Pop!! It was a luxury back then because it's kinda hard to get...

14. Favorite Game (Board game, School game, etc.)

15. Favorite McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
There was a time when the Power Rangers, the movie was aired, they gave Power Ranger toys!!

16. Favorite Book
Books by Enid Blyton!! I have been reading then since I was 5!! My ultimate favourites!!

17. Favorite Clothing Store
Nothing in particular I guess.. I don't even have a particular favourite now..

18. What would you watch when you'd get home from school?
I watch a lot a TV back then... I will quickly finish my homework just to watch them... I remember a particular sequence on either Tuesday or Wednesday.. There's Theodore, the tugboat

 And then, there's TinTin.. 
Also, there's Noddy on Fridays!!

 Yup, I took almost the whole day to write this.. a good walk down memory lane..

Signing off!!

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