Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Macau-Hong Kong Birthday Trip Day 7

It's finally time to head back to reality... Before we leave... here's a last look of our hotel.. Metropark Macau.. really nice!! We booked it during the flash sale in Agoda.. it was around rm170 per night!! A great bargain for a 4 star hotel in Macau..

My breakfast was the leftovers from my birthday dinner treat from Valer.. I bought some bread to eat with the curry..

And then, we took the taxi to the airport... One thing about Macau.. there's are no subways.. although the bus service were pretty convenient but subways are more straight forward... anyways... time to bid goodbye to Macau and mark the end of my birthday trip..

Oh well... Here I am 2 years later trying my best to finish up this travel post...

I shall mark its end by showing you the souvenirs I bought from Macau... peanut snacks with black and white sesame, nougats and seaweed rolls...

After 2 years, I finally completed this!!

Signing off in relief..


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