Wednesday, March 16, 2016

[X]OXO Procrastinator..

Sorry for the meaningless post previously, I thought I could come out with something entertaining but I didn't realise that my ideas do not have any tolerance to long waits... so as I dragged, the ideas kinda flew off and left me with an empty brain and a supposed-to-be-emotionally-entertaining blog post.. 

In that case, I could say that I really shoud take it easy on procrastinating... I guess it's just the fact of being purely lazy that stimulates my procrastination hormones and made the whole situation even worse... As you all might know or might not, I shall not assume things.. I have a permanent 9 to 6 job from Mondays to Fridays and alternate Saturdays, besides that I also have a handful of part time free lance stuff to earn some extra income. Being working full time on weekdays does affect the mood of doing more work when you reach home. Hence it became the best excuse for me to procrastinate when it come to my other jobs.. 

My freelancing jobs include, teaching, translating, writing articles, proofreading, transcribing and some other minor jobs that pays... you might say you can't procrastinate as a teacher.. when the time comes you have to go to class and teach.. oh well, i procrastinate preparing my teaching materials.. i usually prepare them the night before class.. and my classes are usually in the morning.. if it's an afternoon class, i guess i will only be preparing on that morning itself.. then my other jobs, all allows me to complete them at the comfort of my own home.. as long as i meet deadlines.. oh yes.. DEADLINES.. these materials are usually given with an ample time towards the deadline but due to me procrastinating, those deadlines always seem very demanding where i only have that limited period of time to complete.. 

So I shall say... although it's already March and I even procrastinated for my March post which is usually about my plans after turning a year older post-birthday and stuff.. I will never make it as a professional blogger.. so here i am, amusing myself with my blog posts.. blogging for self amusement...

However, as much as i always procrastinate.. i know i must get the job done.. even if it takes off hours from my sleep.. yea, i deserve that coz i should have started earlier..

I guess I should make this a new year resolution.. procrastination is in my genes.. so i guess my resolution will be to finish my work a day before deadline.. hopefully...

signing off..

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