Monday, January 30, 2017

[Z]ooming into 2017

I started the A to Z blogging challenge in 2013.. and finally completed the challenge as we are adapting into 2017..

I don't think I have made any New Year Resolutions this year.. Before I make any, I shall reflect what have I achieved for the past year..

No.1 I have finally took Topik 2, actually I was forced to because my teacher said that he will just sweep me out of the classroom if I still linger around after so many years of study without having a go at Topik 2.. I knew I was not ready at all but since I had to take it, I did try to improve my listening skills and writing skills by listening to Korean podcasts without reading the transcript and practise writing by copying passages from the comprehension past year papers.. I guess that small amount of effort and exam luck paid off as I managed to pass level 4. The highest achievement would be Level 6, fyi.. But I am satisfied~~ I still don't consider myself fluent in Korean but I guess, I am good enough to survive..

No.2 I stayed pass a year at my current employment!!! That IS an achievement judging by how it affects my life principles.. Oh well, it is still a decent place tho..

No.3 Got some new wheels!! and finally felt like an adult to carry ownership documents with my name on it... When I was a kid, it was so easy to imagine myself to have a car, a house like a few years after stepping into society and exchanging you time for money.. Guess what?? after working for almost 6 years, I am finally getting a hang of it.. and a house seems so far away~~~ *stretches hand out dramatically~~

No.5 Finally could contribute to the family trip fund after years of working.. I have always wanted to bring my family for a vacation and contributing to the majority of expenses. At long last, it happened last year!! Won't be blogging on that because i have a similar post buried in my drafts and I did not take enough photos to make it into a blog post.. It's spending time with family that counts not slamming everyone's faces into a photo at every venue..

No.6 I guess I did not document my life enough it actually remember what I have achieved last year.. and my blog reached its 10th year anniversary last year!!

I guess that's all I remember... as for the coming year.. I still hope that I could write more blogs just to practise writing in English.. My English has been striking on and off in my brain.. Sometimes I can't even speak English.. Working in a Chinese-speaking company does affect you somehow.. or maybe it's just me~~

So my new year resolutions... WRITE MORE BLOGS... as usual..

Signing off!

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