Tuesday, July 04, 2017

First day at work

Disclaimer: I am not talking about my first day at work... Just a random thought about the typical first day experience..

It's your first day at a new company. You step into a completely unfamiliar place and someone led you to your seat that will be your nest in this company. You look around, and of course, you know nobody, nobody looks familiar... so you sink further into your seat and play around with your PC, if you have one... sometimes, newbies don't get their own PC until they have been around for a week... Anyway, you try to look busy, although you know you have absolutely nothing to do... You explore the buttons around outlook and realise there are a few incredible functions that you will forget later.. I always forget where is the "recall back email" button and found it when it is too late..

So, you sit at your seat and bond with your PC and chair, they are gonna be your best companion throughout your days here... You look around at your current colleagues, wondering if you could get along, are they the chatty type or the mind-your-own-business type.. You check for earphones to determine whether listening to music while working is allowed.. And then, your manager or the person you are reporting to arrives.. they are usually late.. so be prepared to hang around for at least an hour because you will surely be early on your first day..

We shall just call that person the manager, since he/she will be managing you.. The manager greets you briefly and walks off to his/her seat/room settles some "urgent" stuff which might be scanning through emails, FB or just switch on his/her pc...

After the manager thinks you have settled in, here they come gesturing you over and introduce you to the company, this might have been done by the HR.. so the manager will also be telling you about the business.. how it works and how they work.. then they will show you a bunch of their previous works and here comes the golden question...
"what do you think we should change to make it better?"
"Any ideas you would like to suggest? Since you are new, we need some fresh ideas..."

Ok, that's 2 questions.. but don't you think it is ridiculous to ask someone on their first day of work?? Well, firstly, this is my first day, I came here to fit in, not to change the company, if I would like to change the company, I would have started my own company... I came to learn about your company and now you are telling me that it is not as good as I thought and I should do something to change it?
and then, about the "fresh, new ideas"... I just came here, my ideas are bound to be "new" and "fresh" to you but they are not FEASIBLE because I won't know what is good or workable for the company as it is my first day here.. obvious not??

alright... just some random thoughts..
signing off~~

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http://essaymama.org/ said...

I appreciate such diaries type stuff, great to see such posts full of honesty, passion and great to read it in spare time knowing what can be done in future.