Saturday, October 29, 2011

Taiwan Trip 5 (June-July2010)

This is our last day in Taipei, the plan for today is to go to the National Palace museum.. But before that, we are not to miss the most important meal of the day~~

My favourite instant meal -- Liang Mian~~ it's called cool noodles if translated directly from chinese to english.. you see, I don't like hot stuff, besides soup, i really don't enjoy hot food.. i know food are best served hot but i can't really take hot stuff, they burn my tongue.. like hot tea, hot drinks, i will usually put them aside until it cools down and same goes with hot food.. the hot here is the temperature hot not the spicy hot..

after breakfast, we took the bus to the museum.. when we were waiting we met a few fellow malaysians.. the whole story was, we were actually pretending to be HK-ies by speaking cantonese then these people came and ask us directions and it appears that we were heading to the same location.. on the bus, they asked us if we were malaysians.. aish~ failed!!
They saw Joanne holding a maxis recycle bag... Haiya!!

Then we reached the National Palace Museum!!

As you can see, it is extremely sunny~~

A bunch of Japanese girls whom I helped take pictures of.. with my very limited Japanese, the words that came out from my mouth are "ichi, ni, san", "mimasu ka?" "daijoubu?"

We got the tickets at the student rate because I showed them my then-expired but they should not know that.. it was half-price by the way!! why not??

No photos were allowed in the museum, so we moved to the next destination~ Danshui!!

Took the boat ride to Fisherman's wharf "yu ren ma tou"..

Sigh~~ remember how sunny it was just now?? See the sky now..

This is a very significant place at the Fisherman's Wharf.. I remember in Angel's Lover, Ming Dao tried to save a girl from committing suicide and he was dressed as Spiderman!! he fell into the water in the end anyway..

It was raining, so we couldn't really explore around.. so we had to walk under shades and the rain has not decide to stop so we had to take the bus back to the pier and then ride the boat back to danshui..

We bought round trip tickets, again~~ so we had to take the boat back.. as we realised that there were buses back to danshui station.. Sigh~~

After that, we planned to go to Shi Da Night market but it was raining.. it kills the fun of going to a night market, so me and joanne head home while the rest went off to.. god know where.. hehe.. we stayed in our room until the rain stops and head to Shihlin night market for the very last time~~

Next Stop, Taichung!!

Signing off!

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