Monday, October 10, 2011

"Write" choices

Again.. It has been months since I last posted.. Well, I believe I'm not the only so-called blogger here who updates once in a blue moon.. Loads of other once-bloggers have totally ditched their blog and opt to update their facebook status of twitter instead... People nowadays prefer reading straight-to-the-point one-liners instead of long stories in a blog... Which is kinda sad, isn't it?? at least for people who likes to write and share their writings with people whom they know or not..

I still do enjoy writing but I sometimes run out of ideas and fear that the stuff I wanna planning to write about is not cool, exciting, interesting or happening enough... Yes, I am self conscious.. I know there aren't much readers out there but for those who actually do come by and read.. I would not want them to turn their heads away and say "boring..."

Getting a masters degree has always been in my life plans ever since I knew that it exists... I have been scouting for master courses that I think I'm gonna be interested in since I have settled with my foundation... At first, my choice revolves around film-making and directing, then it changed to communications since it's my major.. After that, it went back to film because that was my ultimate interest at that time, at least I thought it was... Then after a year or 2 during my degree course, i realised that it's not the film production that i am passionate about.. I do like it but there's something else.. the thing that I am really passionate about and the sole, ultimate factor that drives me to my choice of the broadcasting course is actually writing... So now you'll wonder, why didn't I enroll myself into the journalism course instead.. that's a course that focuses on writing a hell lot.. Well, that was my second choice though.. but the thing that I really love is writing stories that are to be portrayed into film, or series or whatsoever stuff you see on the tv screen, I want to write scripts and screenplay.. not news or features.. which was why I chose broadcasting instead of journalism... with the idea that since I like to write stories, I wouldn't mind producing them either..

The whole thing did not turn out the way I thought... I thought i will enjoy film, video production but I don't think i actually did.. at least to the extent that i have expected... but I do prefer it more that mixing chemicals in the lab and meddling with figures in accounts.. which convinced me that I didn't make the wrong choice.. If only the subject, scriptwriting and screenplay was not only a subject but a major... I would have done better during my degree and obtain higher GPAs..

So for now, all have past.. I'm planning to do masters sometime in the future.. and I have decided on the course that I think (hope) that I won't regret doing.. Creative Writing.. The thing is, this is not a very popular course comparing it to the MBAs and science-related stuff or journalism-writing stuff.. So there's only a few universities that are offering this course around Asia... 2 in HK, which was my initial choice when I collected enough funds for it.. But something struck me lately, both universities offered the course in English.. a language that I'm not good in.. At first I thought, since it's called Creative Writing, so the "Creative" should come first.. I was so naive about that.. In order to be creative, I will have to at least master the language and gain the ability to play with the words and vocabularies.. I was never good in English.. My grammer failed big time.. so how am I gonna be able to write something that could impress the people approving my application when I can't even differenciate when should I use "has" and "have"??

How depressing... I thought I have finally found a course that I think I will be able to enjoy thoroughly and the reality strikes.. (SFX*thunder)
For the time being... I will search for universities offering Creative Writing in Chinese, which at least for now, I think I could write better in Chinese.. Hopefully, nothing will suddenly strike me the fact that my Chinese ain't as good as I thought it was.. fingers crossed..

that's all for now, folks!!

signing off~~

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