Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Year~~

Heyo, It has been a long time and believe me, I am aware of that... The new year has come.. 2012, the so-called doomsday is also near.. I'm not sure how the world will turn into during 21st of December 2012 (Is this the correct date??) but I sure would like to see 2013...

Do I believe in doomsday, or whatever else you call it? I actually do, that is why I should be living live to the fullest, at least for this year..

Alright, back to the New Year.. My new year was kinda exciting.. spent almost the whole day at seon seng nim's house preparing dinner, the korean style.. Was actually aiming to learn some korean dishes but end up only remembering how to prepare the salad.. the rest were all bits and pieces.. toboki, bulgogi.. i'll just eat at the korean restaurants then...

What else about the new year?? Resolutions?? Let's see 2011's resolutions are:

1. Go for another oversea trip, -checked- (went to Singapore at the end of last year for my cousin's wedding.. a short 3 days 2 nights trip)

2. Continue learning either japanese or korean, -checked- (have been attending korean classes since March)

Looks like I have accomplished my last year's resolutions. So for this year, I can make new resolutions to be fulfilled.. Hmm..

1. Another oversea trip, this year I'll be going to 3 countries.. This will definitely be accomplished.. I guess my resolution should be to upload blog posts with photos about my trip..

2. pass my Topik, this will be hard by the look of my progress but hopefully i would be able to pass and get the certificate..

and that's all folks!!

signing off~~

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