Wednesday, April 10, 2013

[A]pril Fool??!!

Exactly a week before, I got something that I thought was my first April fool's joke of the year.. which turns out it was not because it became serious and landed me where I am now... In PJ instead of Cyberjaya, sitting in an arm's length cubicle with 2 PCs because I am sharing the cubicle with the night shift people... I miss my super wide and spacious cubicles, i miss my 3 drawers and 4 shelves that stores all my stuff...

Back to why am I here... Last wednesday, as usual, i got ready for work and was waiting for my car pool buddy to come pick me up from work.. while waiting, I picked up my phone and start playing with it.. Good thing i did because I had 2 unread messages.. the latest one was from the car pool buddy asking me if i have heard that the office is closed because the internet and phones were down... the first thing that came to my mind was... April Fool???? but it's 3 days after 1st of april... did this prank got lost somewhere?? Ignoring it, i read the next message that came in 6 something in the morning.. it was from my team leader saying that a fire broke out in the server room and we are not allowed to go to work.. OWH~~~ so it's real... and by that time, I was awake already...

Then, I stayed home for 3 days.. since I am not allowed to go to the office.. the home office software thingy can be installed into my computer so all I can do is check emails... paid to stay at home.. how nice!!

However, my company managed to find a temporary place for us to work... and guess what, it is right next to my old uni block, the place where i did my foundation~~ See how fate brings me back here... At least I know where to have lunch and there are much more choices here than Cyberjaya.. the best thing is, I can reach home within 20 minutes!!! Yay!!

That's all for now

Signing off~~

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