Sunday, June 09, 2013

[G]reat originals to be shared..

As a continuation of the previous post, here is a post consisting of a few of my favourite original songs on YouTube..

I'm the one to Blame by Arden Cho

So Alive by Tiffany Alvord

Summer Forever by Megan Nicole

Still in Love by Jason Chen

Make it Up by Sam Tsui.... This music video was all shot within one take.. speechlessly amazing!!! I wonder how many times did they rehearse for this??? Ahh... another reason for me to miss production...

Closer, Faster by Against the Current

Besides original songs... here's an interesting variety show that consists quite a number of YouTube celebs.. including Jen FrmHeadtoToe, WongFu, David Choi....

There are four parts... and since I am very kind I will embed all of them here...


Signing off!!!

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