Monday, September 29, 2014

Korea Study Tour KHU Day 1 -Part 2

And yes, I am back again... I believe I forgot to mention about my lunch in the previous post... My first meal in Korea.. in Kyung Hee's school cafeteria.. Their cafeteria is super cool!! but i will leave this to a later post because the photos are not in my first day folder..

behold.. my lunch!! also my first meal in Korea.. not counting the Nasi Lemak I had in the cloud above some country I am not sure where, maybe China..

Naengmeon냉면!! My ultimate favourite food!! I am not sure if I mentioned this before but I really don't enjoy boiling hot food and I tend to eat very slow when my food is hot because my tongue can't tolerate heat.. some people calls it the cat's tongue... In case you don't know, naengmeon is translated as cold noodles.. that's why i enjoy it so much.. because it's cold, so I could just eat it straight away without blowing or airing and all those nuisance.. hehehe.. I am missing it now.. Mul Naengmeon 물냉면!!

Ok, back to the campus tour... after the museum, we head to the library.. and boy it was huge!!!

Even the frontdesk part of the library is cool!!!

The exterior is super cool too!!

Then, it's the main building.. that you will usually see in KHU brochures... you see for yourself and insert your own adjective because besides the word cool.. I can't really think of another adjective to describe buildings...

If you have been following my blog, the girl beside me was my Dowoomi and this is the only time you'll be seeing her.. coz she MIA-ed after our first day.. and if you remember my Singapore Rush post... she's the korean chingu I mentioned in that post... anyway.. more photos!!

And then we move to the Auditorium.. It's called Palace of the Peace, I think... If anybody reading this happens to be a Kyung Hee University student, please correct me if I am wrong...

It's a steep road towards it but the view is totally worth it!!

And then, some other random places around KHU campus~~

Kids getting off school at the Kyung Hee elementary school, it beside the university..

And that sums up my first day in Kyung Hee University.. There is still one more post for the first day... after I finally checked into the school hostel.. and I will save that for the next post..

Signing off for now..

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