Thursday, November 28, 2013

[Q]uick question: Computer Radiation Protection Glasses, should I??

Just a while ago, I saw a deal on one of the many group buying websites available that spams the heck out of your email inbox...

[69% Off] RM28 for Computer Radiation Protection Glasses (Comes with various design) + FREE Delivery Peninsular Malaysia

Computer Radiation Protection Glasses... My eyesight is pretty good, I don't need glasses for clearer vision but this is not to correct my eyesight but it is to protect my eyes... I was quite tempted to get one for myself.. Since I am facing the computer most of the time of my life.. At work, I face the computer as long as my working hours... maybe besides the 1 hour lunch break and occasional washroom breaks which is less than 2 hours... however I bring lunch from home most of the time so we could just deduct that 1 hour... Then, when I reach home.. after a while of resting, I will get my laptop out and I am facing the computer again... watching videos, checking Facebook, playing games and even writing blogs...

Besides the computer, there's is your phone... and since I have converted into a smart phone user, I am also exposed to radiation from the phone... Although I only use my phone for live messaging, and microblogging... and not forgetting the occasional game-playing... My eyes are constantly attacked by radiation!!!

I believe that is the life of most of the people out there... so, i have been thinking... should I get a pair for myself before I need to wear one for real to correct my eyesight for the rest of my life?? No harm preventing right??

There's still 8 days for me to consider... I am still considering... Should I get one?? Is it necessary??
Do leave a comment and let my know your opinions on this.

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