Monday, November 18, 2013

[O]oopss... Sorry for being slow

I just realised that Blogger has changed the maximum posts per page limit.. instead of it being how many posts you have set it to show, it now goes on its own, deciding how many posts will be shown base on how big your post is, which means if there are loads of pictures and videos in your posts, you would most probably be seeing that one very "heavy" post on your blog and people will have to click "older post" in order to read your other posts.... Which... most people won't do unless they are a big fan of your blog and are very eager to know about your life, which.... are the readers I doubt I have... I don't even know who reads my blog anymore, I receive spam comments more that anything else I have received from my blog... Thank god blogger has the auto-filter-to-spam thingy...

Ok, back to the main topic... since I could not do anything to change the number of posts that I want to be seen on my blog.. which... by the way, my posts are super super "light" if you would compare to those picture-video-loaded ones that other people posts.. Mine mostly consists of words and an occasional picture or two... I don't really have loads of pictures on my posts, at least my few recent posts doesn't so why is my blog only showing 3 posts on its page???

Side tracked again... since I cannot change the number of posts... I have added another column on the left of my blog so that the initial column on the right does not flow all the way deep down that you will have to scroll your heart out until the cows come home to reach the end (I am aware that I have quite a LONG sidebar)... Why are you being so hard on me, blogger?? I am just someone who writes for fun and i might not even have "real" readers, judging on the number of spam comments I get everyday.. why can't you just leave me alone and leave my blog however it was before??? Now, my blog-banner-head-thingy is not centred and I don't know how to fix it.. I don't dare to meddle with the HTML codes in case I screw something up big time and have to spend even more time fixing it.. anybody, has any idea on how to move my blog header and footer thingy to the centre of the page?? Your comments are most welcome and will be appreciated 100%!!

Oh well, that's all for now...

Will have more meaningful posts soon... please bear with me..

Signing off~~ Toodles!

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